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Find out exactly how the giants in the markets are trading

Why you should be using
The Commitments of Traders?

It’s not price action or indicators that determine a markets direction it’s the buyers and sellers, and the volumes that they are trading.

The (COT) Commitment of traders report tells us exactly what other traders are buying and selling (including the giant institutions that determine the markets direction) and in what volume.

Once we know what the global giants are trading and in what volumes, this takes away the guess work. We just go with their flow.

Trade with the Facts

Many Ways to Benefit

We give you the information you need to take control of your trading, and transform how you see markets.

Simple to use

Analyse the markets you want to trade with just a few simple clicks.

Stay protected

Know what markets to avoid so you can preserve your capital.

Trend tracking

Track the money flow into markets that will drive trend momentum.

Trend reversal

See the tell tail signs a trend is over, as traders leave that market.

Our custom platform is ground breaking

It’s time to know EXACTLY what the market giants are trading, it’s these global companies that when they trade determine the direction of the market. Knowing how these enormous institutions are trading ensures that we are going with the weight in the market and not against it.

Optimum market alerts

Our COT index will tell you at a glance what the best markets are to trade. Our platform will give you clear alerts designed to tell you whether a market is bullish (buying) or bearish (selling).

The higher the percentage shown on the screenshot of our system the more buying is happening, the lower the percentage the more selling is happening. This gives us a heavy indication of the future direction of the market.

Extreme Alerts

Our ATH (All time high) and ATL (All time low) alerts highlight when markets are achieving levels of buying and selling that have never been seen before.

This information is consistent with major turning points in markets (Market tops and market bottoms).

For example when the monster institutions are buying more than they have ever bought before, chances are that it is time for price to move higher and we can take advantage of this.

Plan ahead

Our crystal clear seasonality indicator breaks down decades of seasonal data in one quick snapshot telling you exactly what the market usually does at this time of year based on the history of the market.

Trade with the market. Not against it

Once you start using our platform you won’t know how you traded without it. The big money moves the markets, our platform tells you exactly where that big money is and what it is doing.

Never again will you enter a trend just as it ends or believe a trend is ending only for it to roar on for weeks.

Stay Ahead

Don’t get caught on the wrong side of the market. Our % change stats and charts will allow you to see market swings as they happen so you can stay protected or even capitalise on changing market sentiment. An extreme change in positioning can lead to very profitable market corrections and you’ll be ready and waiting when they do.

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