Get Out of Your Way

Just a quick check-in, today we’ll talk about how to “get out of your way”. Feeling fabulous here @Coconut Bar, Kata Noi beach

I’d like to share something with you because I was just meditating here for probably about an hour or so, and this is one of the things that I learned. Not only personally, but we get it with some of our traders and I get it with my business partners when I speak with them sometimes.

One of the things that come up again and again is that we’re struggling to stick with a strategy. In other words, we struggle to really stay with ourselves. You get it with meditation and all – you have to actually teach your body to learn to stay, get out of your own way or such so you can sit there and basically break through the individual steps.

It’s exactly the same with trading and business – you need to get out of your way with judgement, with what’s happened in the past, or when some trades went against you. Whether a strategy has gone against you if you’re an entrepreneur, whether a business has gone against you, or whether employing someone has gone against you.

Make the Past Your Wisdom

It’s always about getting out of your own way and really, if you like, making wisdom out of your past. Go back and ask what where the lessons you learned out of that experience. You’ve got to learn to stay with yourself and learn to trust yourself, and really, make the past your wisdom. That’s where you can look forward and say ‘Right, this is how I’m gonna learn this. This is what I’m going to overcome by doing this, this, and this.’ Once you get that, you’ll just keep pushing on!

So the three things that I want you to take away – never mind whether you’re looking to maybe kick in with some meditation, or you’d like to start trading, is learn to stick with it. Learn to consistently place the trades, put the stop loss in place, go with that strategy, and trust it within that trade. If it’s a business, it’s exactly the same. Once you’ve made your decision, stick with it. What are the objections? What are the strategies? What’s your 30, 60, 90-day plan?

Once you put these things in place and once you commit to them, BOOM, you’ll get there.

So these are the three things I want you to take away:

  1. Learn how to stay.
  2. Learn how to get out of your own way.
  3. Make your past your wisdom.