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What Is The Market Timing Report?

They say, “Markets cannot be timed.” But take a look at the chart of the S&P500 below:

Below the chart are spikes. (These are not volume spikes!)

You can see that when they peak, the market changes trend.

You can see how it has happened in the past.

The arrows show you where the histograms peak and you can see how the market turns!

But most importantly we can see likely FUTURE TURNING POINTS.

These histograms are derived from The Market Timing Report System.

  • Focusses on S&P 500, Crude Oil, Gold, EURUSD, Dollar Index

  • Published monthly

  • Provides high probability turn points

  • Highlights macro monthly and weekly turning points which are beneficial to investors

  • Highlights daily turning points which help shorter term position traders identify individual days when markets are likely to change trend

  • Of course, when a daily turn point lines up within a weekly time window, you have a high probability change in trend!

  • Shows high probability seasonal set ups - and when these tie up with our daily turn points, high probability turns can take place

  • Shows high probability directional move days

  • All information is derived from the Cycles Analysis “Profit Finding Oracle” Programme

  • Is based on seasonality, cycles and other proprietary methods

  • We periodically look at geopolitical trends - our readers were forewarned about the forthcoming massive change in the USA four years ago! It is deeply evident now.

  • Provides tutorial information

How could you use this information to enhance your investing & trading?

  • You Are Forewarned, Therefore, You Are Forearmed

    If you are a fundamental trader and believe something is about to happen then our longer term cycles as well as our daily cycles can help you fine tune when that event may potentially occur.

    To illustrate how far out we can go - we are already seeing a major turning point on crude oil in February 2021!

  • Seasonality Becomes Your Friend

    Many successful traders use seasonality. There are clear trends that the professionals know about and use very successfully.

    Traders and investors who understand annual seasonal probability are already at a great advantage.

    Many millions and indeed billions are made using seasonality and we harness this.

    However they don’t always work. If you are expecting a move to begin AND there is a Market Timing Report cycle date at that time, there is a greater probability for the seasonal move occurring.

    When our proprietary cycles coincide with seasonal turns we have very high probability set ups. Conversely, if we know that a seasonal turn is coming up yet we do not have any cycles coinciding, then there is a high probability that this will fail.

    This additional information improves accuracy remarkably.

  • Finally Get Trend Following Right

    In Jack Schwager's classic book “Market Wizards” legendary traders and fund managers such as Paul Tudor Jones, Ed Seykota, Jim Rogers and Richard Dennis share their secrets.

    A common theme can be seen.

    Many of these billionaires are trend followers.

    Trend following is one of the most profitable ways of making money.

    Michael Covel confirms this in his book “Trend Following, How Great Traders Make Millions in Up or Down Markets”.

    Most trend traders place stop losses above or below the previous swing highs or lows.

    They eventually get stopped out of the trend but in doing so give back a large part of their profits.

    Some trend traders place stops two swings back.

    This often helps you remain in the trend, but when the trend does eventually end, a substantial amount of potential profit is LOST.

    The challenges with trend following revolve around identifying the beginning of a trend.

    You also need to know when it's going to end.

    Hence, the benefits of knowing when a trend is likely to change are massive.

    The Market Timing Report highlights when trends are at risk, well in advance.

    This enables you to cash in profits before swings are taken out or manage risk more effectively.

    If you are a portfolio manager you can hedge positions a lot more effectively if you have a time window. This information is also critical for an option trader.

    Of course, this timing can also give you an advantage for trading campaign ENTRY - especially when combined with your own systems.

  • Supercharge Your Technical Analysis

    Timing can really enhance technical analysis.

    Many of you use Fibonacci retracements.

    But how do you know which level is going to hold?

    Is it going to be the .382, the 50% the .618 or the .786?

    How often have you got out at a level only to see that you missed out on a ton of profit? How often have you stayed in too long, watched the market bounce and see your profits wiped out?

    If you know where the time cycle is coming in then you are more likely to be able to know which level will hold.

  • Unlock The REAL Data Behind C.O.T. Charts

    ‘The Market Timing Report' is excellent when used in conjunction with ‘Commitment of Trader Data'.

    COT data breaks down positions held by hedgers, large speculators and small speculators. Careful analysis will identify trends developing. But it can't tell you EXACTLY WHEN the move will occur.

    It just gives you a directional bias.

    This is where ‘The Market Timing Report' will give you the edge.

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