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Learn the power of seasonality

Seasonality is the radically accurate history of a market over time to determine if there is predictable pattern that tends to repeat in certain months or years.

History repeats itself (even if not always), and knowing how a market usually behaves at specific points in time is incredible data.

Seasonality is a pillar of the 4DYNAMICS, you need seasonality in your arsenal. Unleashing the power of seasonality will transform your trading.

Our platform will break all the numbers down for you, GIVING YOU CLEAR SIGNALS of seasonal bias of whatever your trading.

Along with the other 3 dynamics we will teach you seasonality will give you unrivalled confidence when you know it is on your side.

Monthly laser targeted performance indicator

Green arrow pointing up are the usual increases in price.

Red arrow pointing down show the usual decreases in price.

White arrow pointing sideways show the usual ranging markets (sideways).

We now know whether seasonally we are bullish or bearish at a glance!

This pillar of the 4DYNAMICS tells us whether we are seasonally expecting a move up or down.

Expand on your opportunity with your understanding of seasonality.

Our members have access to the seasonal charts (Just like British Pound example below) for 75 major markets.

Seasonality is extremely powerful when combined with the other 4DYNAMICS – especially COT data.

If we are watching gold for example and seasonally we are expecting a move up, and we can see the COT data shows the market giants are doing lots of buying. Then we have half of the 4DYNAMICS in line for winning trade execution.

When you master seasonality, you will have mastered one of the major dynamics. The 4DYNAMICS are the secrets to trading success, each go hand in hand with one another.

Our seasonality charts are the most comprehensive you can find anywhere, with us you will have the best senior data on the market. Literally decades of data (60 years in some markets).

Most history, most up to date data, gives you incredible results.

GBP example of the force of seasonality

GBP is a market like any other and as such has repeatable seasonal patterns. Knowing this gives you muscle in the markets.

You can see from the chart below, typically GBP is strong in April and weak in August.

Time and time again the extreme regularity of this pattern will blow you away. You need this information, it is essential.

GBP has been negative for the month of August, 10 out of the past 12 years. Mind blowing. I wouldn’t dare trade without this data.

  • All time seasonal pattern (Blue line) Weighted average seasonal pattern (Yellow line).

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Here are some of the markets we trade

We have up to 60 years of seasonal, COT, and cycles data on the markets below below.
This senior data when combined with the world class trading education we will give you, will be all that you need to profit from the markets.


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