“The First One of the Year”

“The First One of the Year”

“The First one of the Year.” Spring – how I love this season! Especially when the deer are giving birth, new life comes into the world and you can see the seasons come about…

Above you can see the young calf there with its mother; it’s the first one of the year. This is a new life, that’s what just 30 minutes for the mother hold.

A new life really does bring new beginnings and it is truly beautiful to see it on the land, and to observe just how these animals can care. They can give birth within 20 minutes. Within half an hour, the baby deer is up on their feet. Then the mother cleans the deer off and off they run!

It genuinely is inspiring to see. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new business taking shape, a calf being born, or whatever it is. A new beginnings, “the first one of the year”,  is always just magical.

I can see another young calf over there and several other getting ready to give birth. This is one of the great inspirations of life, and the reason why we’ve set up the farm. To be honest, there’s not really much percentage return in it, haha. The gold why we’ve done it was really to be surrounded by this new life and to see that once you put in your hard work, your commitment and your dedication, you get to be surrounded by fantastic beauty. That’s the calving season on the farm – for me, nothing can’t beat it.

“The first one of the year” and My Tools

So this is farm life for you. This is mine and Jaclyn’s place as you might be aware. You can see me in the picture with my wellies and my wax jacket on. Whether you’re in your wellies and your wax coat and your ‘deer stick’, these are the certain tools that you need for this job, at least for the farming job.

If you’d be trading, if you’d be running a business, obviously there will be different tools. So maybe that from Monday to Friday I might be walking around in a suit, and a pen and a calculator. So that’s what I need for the week or at least when I’d be doing my trading. But when you put them all together, it doesn’t matter what it is – whether it’s this farm life, whether it’s trading, whether you’re running a business, whether you’re scaling a business, whether you’re marketing, it’s the same stuff.

All the same – the right equipment, the right tools to be, as I call it, unconsciously competent at what you’re doing and to know the field that you’re going into, to be able to walk around with better confidence.

And one thing it all takes is the one thing that people don’t want to do – you can like it or not, but it takes work and commitment to learn and understand the field that you’re in.

The Habit Loop

Once you’ve done that work and you’ve learned it, you cannot unlearn it. You don’t have to rework it, going so on and so forth. And yes, you have to keep on a bit of repetition to learn the skill. But once you’re unconsciously competent at it, the skills become your second nature. They become what they call the habit loop. They become the cue, the routine, the reward, and the belief.

Once you see your cue, you do your routine, you get the reward at the end of it, and then you acquire the belief that what you’re doing’s right. That’s what works for me with these deer, with my trading, and with numerous of my businesses that I run. Once you’ve mastered that formula (and it does take a bit of time) you can put it into numerous areas of your life, like family, friends, and so on.

So that’s what I wanted to share with you on this late afternoon. Catch you later!



Trading Life and Whys


Today I want to speak to you about  TRADING LIFE and WHYs.  Some say that you have to wait to get things done, thoroughly plan it, or just procrastinate for a bit. I believe that the best thing to do is just to get up and get moving. And that’s why I chose these three topics.

First of all, let’s talk about LIFE.

Really: what is it you’re doing to get to the next level in your life? Now this is something one of my friends has sent me today – the author talked about starting new things in life. Let’s say you’re on a new journey of trading or starting up a certain business. The first five years of that experience can be absolutely terrible.

But after 20 years, it’s fantastic! And if the last let’s say 5 years are terrible, to pass on or stop it, you look on the full journey as to be a bad journey when really, the twenty years in the middle were great.

It’s exactly the same if you spend twenty years doing something that’s absolutely terrible, but the last 5 years of it seem good. You look back on that experience as it being a good one because your last experience has been positive.

The 80/20 Formula

That’s a typical “80/20 Formula” and it happens all around us. You’ll see it showing up in many parts of your life. Whatever you’re doing, you need 80% of results from 20% of your effort. That’s key no matter what you do.

Today we just don’t see the 80/20 Formula happen. For instance, the owner of a company owns 80% of the company while putting in 20% of his energy and the employees in theory put 80% of their efforts in and get only 20% back. That’s where you need to flip the table for yourself and start practising the 80/20 Formula in your everyday life.

What’s going to be your path, your pivot to where you want to get? You need to be looking at an industry that can give you the 80/20 formula. Let’s say you’re going to properties, constructions or retail industry. It’s going to take a lot of seed capital, time, employees, premises, and so on. Never mind the skill-set!

So the industry you need to be looking into is one that doesn’t take a lot of seed capital and starts where it’s mainly driven on skill-set.

And that’s TRADING.

Once you get the ability, you can go on and trade other people’s money on a MAM account and basically get 80% of rewards for 20% of your efforts.

I get it. You’re not going to get there for free and you’re going to have to work. If you think that you don’t, then it’s probably not for you.

But if you are willing to work for it, I want you to look at it and you’ll see that:

  1. Trading is going to give you time
  2. Trading is going to give you the skills you need

What’s next?

Then you can do it from home or on your way to work – there is no fixed address. You can have all that’s needed for trading in any place as it’s all virtual.

After that, you’re going to trade other people’s money. You’re going to have a contract where the owner of the account gets for example 70% and you get 30%. So if you make 100k a year, you get 30k and they get 70k.

As I’m sure you’re aware, everything big starts small so once you have the ability, you’re just going to multiply it. Not one person ever gets rich from just one pillar. So one of the pillars is you trading for yourself. The next pillar is you knowing the skill-set and trading other people’s money. You’ll then have the ability to go and teach other people. There’s no big cash input needed for that. All you need is time, commitment and dedication.

The WHYs

I ask a lot of people about their whys. Why do you do what you do? I then hear family, financial freedom, time freedom, materialistic things such as houses and cars, helping others, giving to the community, giving to people that are not well off, etc.

What I never hear is this: “Me.” People never say “I want to do this to help me. I want to do this so I can get time and financial freedom. I want to do this so I can then be a better version of myself.” I always hear about other people. Start to do things for YOU. Once YOU are OK then you can start helping others.

What is the alternative?

If you’re going to BE, you might as well BE SUCCESSFUL. Being successful is difficult. Being poor is difficult. So if I’m going to choose, I’m choosing success. People say “I don’t have the money.” Then go and ask someone for the money! This is what I’ve done in my life. I had to find the money but it didn’t just fall from the sky. I had to go to parents, family members, friends, banks, and whoever it was to get the money I needed to really push on.

So this is what you might need to do as well. Don’t think it’s a bad thing to ask for help. It’s why a lot of people don’t succeed – they’re a bit proud and they procrastinate. If you’re going to do something, then go out and do it. Once you start to really make a move, things will fall in place.

You don’t have to be GREAT to get started but you have to START to be great.  You’re going to start and fall, but you won’t stay down. You’re going to get back up and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.



To start with, you don’t need any broker. You just need the ability and basically create the experience before you even think about opening a brokerage account. Create that “sandbox” and open a demo account – create the experience before even thinking about opening a live account. You can make the mistakes with no financial risk. You don’t need to open a brokerage account where they give you bonuses for putting money in. It doesn’t work like that. It’s just a numbers game for them…

Once you create that environment, only then you move forward to get a broker. Once you’ve got the broker, you “test” him. Is it good to put funds into the account? Let’s say I put £100 into the account and I extract it on the same day. I want to know how easy it is to get my money out of that broker. If it comes out the same day, all good, no problem. Then I am happy to put my money with that broker because I know it’s safe.

I want to know that:

  1. I can move my money around as much as I need
  2. They’re safe. They have “the badge”. If they’re in the UK, they are FCA regulated. In Australia, they are regulated by the ASIC. If they are based in the USA, they are regulated by the SEC.

So there’s three things you need to have with this:

  1. You need to be willing to commit,
  2. willing to invest into your personal development,
  3. and willing to change your and your family’s life.

I hope you enjoyed the article on trading life and whys.

Enjoy the rest of your day and stay safe!


You can watch the original video with Dale Gaucas on trading life and whys here:



The Broke to Wealth Formula

The Broke to Wealth Formula

The way to get from being broke to being wealthy (the broke to wealth formula) is one simple step, and it’s an idea.

What ideas do you have? Which one of your current ideas is going to advance you from where you are to massive wealth? The fact that you are reading this tells us both that your idea to gain financial freedom is through the financial markets which, in my call, is a fantastic idea.

So now that you have your idea, the only thing that stands in your way is commitment. People say you need to be passionate about what you do (and there is some truth in that), but true passion is a by-product of real commitment! This is a law of nature. The commitment is the wood. The passion is the fire. No wood = no fire.

It’s the simple wealth formula goes like this: broke – ideas – commitment – passion – wealth

P.S. You either want it or you don’t. There is no in-between. If you want it, you’ll fight for it. If you want it, you’ll find a way, and if you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.

Get Out of Your Way

Get Out of Your Way

Just a quick check-in, today we’ll talk about how to “get out of your way”. Feeling fabulous here @Coconut Bar, Kata Noi beach😊

I’d like to share something with you because I was just meditating here for probably about an hour or so, and this is one of the things that I learned. Not only personally, but we get it with some of our traders and I get it with my business partners when I speak with them sometimes.

One of the things that come up again and again is that we’re struggling to stick with a strategy. In other words, we struggle to really stay with ourselves. You get it with meditation and all – you have to actually teach your body to learn to stay, get out of your own way or such so you can sit there and basically break through the individual steps.

It’s exactly the same with trading and business – you need to get out of your way with judgement, with what’s happened in the past, or when some trades went against you. Whether a strategy has gone against you if you’re an entrepreneur, whether a business has gone against you, or whether employing someone has gone against you.

Make the Past Your Wisdom

It’s always about getting out of your own way and really, if you like, making wisdom out of your past. Go back and ask what where the lessons you learned out of that experience. You’ve got to learn to stay with yourself and learn to trust yourself, and really, make the past your wisdom. That’s where you can look forward and say ‘Right, this is how I’m gonna learn this. This is what I’m going to overcome by doing this, this, and this.’ Once you get that, you’ll just keep pushing on!

So the three things that I want you to take away – never mind whether you’re looking to maybe kick in with some meditation, or you’d like to start trading, is learn to stick with it. Learn to consistently place the trades, put the stop loss in place, go with that strategy, and trust it within that trade. If it’s a business, it’s exactly the same. Once you’ve made your decision, stick with it. What are the objections? What are the strategies? What’s your 30, 60, 90-day plan?

Once you put these things in place and once you commit to them, BOOM, you’ll get there.

So these are the three things I want you to take away:

  1. Learn how to stay.
  2. Learn how to get out of your own way.
  3. Make your past your wisdom.

Hard Work and Resilience

Hard Work and Resilience

Hi all, this is a little piece on hard work and resilience!  It’s half past 5 on a Saturday afternoon and even in this new office in the city centre, I’m still the last person to be at work. Nobody else is in here any more. No other manager, no other sales staff, no other traders. But being here, that’s what it takes to succeed, that’s what it takes to put the work in.

It all comes down to the two things that you need to succeed – hard work and resilience. Once you have them, you’ll out-beat everyone. Yes, it’s argument that you need to come to the right market to be successful. Whatever market or the industry is, there has to be the right timing to get in and it has to be a market that’s unsaturated (you don’t want too many people within that environment). But I guarantee you this: if you have hard work and resilience, you will succeed. I can guarantee that.

I’ve been speaking with our traders over the last couple of days because we’ve actually got a new “War Room” programme that we’ve just kicked off with our clients, a bespoke group of 15 traders. These people have all realised what it takes. They already know what it takes to succeed. You can go and ask any one of them, and they will tell you that they’ve paid not only the financial price but the “time price” and the “commitment price”, and now, they can see the results paying off.

So yes, you’re going to have to put your time and energy in. But once you’ve learned something and you’ve gathered that knowledge, you can’t unlearn it.

You might go on social media and you’ll see those guys on there, a bit of a watch and maybe a flash sports car and all that jazz, and they will say all it takes to get it is a week’s “hustle”. To that, I’m saying NO. It takes WORK to get there, however uncomfortable this might be to hear.

Personally, I’ve been in business since I was 19 and I’m now nearly 38. I’m not saying it’s hard work as if I dislike it. I really do like it because you have to love this game of life that you’re playing; you can’t just pretend to like it. But at least do something that you enjoy getting up and putting the commitment in for. Whether it’d be trading, sports, or running a business, you’ve got to have that resilience and hard work. If you have it, you shall succeed. It’s as simple as that.

I’m looking down across the city of Manchester now from my office window. I can see all these lights shining bright in the big buildings like Hilton. I think the other day I counted 52 of lights in there. Do you think each of every one of these companies out there don’t have directors and management staff that are working day and night to be successful and to get their job done? This isn’t just a game for people with true ambitions.

Now, I’m about to travel back to the “homeland” to the farm to be with the family and enjoy the evening with them. But I’ve put my daily piece work and commitment in. I was up early this morning at 4 o’clock, did a bit of meditation, drove into Manchester, did the work, and even went on a speaking course that I’m currently on. And that’s what succeeding is all about. Helping other people, but also putting that work into you.

If you want to succeed in trading or as an entrepreneur, reach out to us. This is what we’re here for! If you need any support we can give you, me and my business partner Andrew Pancholi, as you might already know, we have our own hedge fund based in the states and our own trading education company. We’re here to help you succeed and be able to do whatever you want.

So enjoy what you do and enjoy this game of life!

What I Learned in Thailand

What I Learned in Thailand

This is a true story of what I learned in Thailand. I’m just here on a holiday and wanted to check in with you. It’s been a while! This morning I was up at 6 o’clock, meditating by the ocean. Anyway, I’ve just been down here at the beach for two hours. I woke up from my meditation, funny enough, to see an analogy here. There are a few people enjoying themselves on the beach and there’s this young lad fishing. He has nothing with him but one net with about 15 fish in it.

He’s just put them in a bucket and walked back to a big rock in the ocean, had a look from there, returned back to the beach and stood back here. He’s probably waiting for some fish to come together now.

He has just one thing with him – his fishing net. Here in Thailand, he doesn’t need a million things like we usually do in the UK/USA. We like to use rods, baits… a thousand different pieces of equipment. He probably has two great tools. One is the net and the next is patience just to stand there and know when’s the time to go in with the net.

Get Out of Your Own Way

If it would have been me fishing, I would be just jumping there with the net and I’d probably get tangled up too. But he’s just standing there and waiting. Bringing it back around, I suppose that’s what meditation is really about; having the patience to sit with yourself and “get out of your own way”. Learning to stay with you and manifesting the things you want in life. And listen, these things don’t just appear out of nowhere. That’s why I would advise anyone to concentrate on the things they want the most so they can manifest them.

Live in Creation

Whatever it is, I would suggest that you put your thoughts in that direction, as opposed to thinking about the things you DON’T want. I know I did that for numerous years and a lot of people that I know have done so too. They kind of lived in the feeling of stress, lack, competition, scarcity, and they focused on the things that they didn’t have as opposed to living in joy and creation.

So the gold of it all is to live in creation. Just ask yourself: “What are the moves I need to do to get what I want? What are the steps I’ll take to achieve the things I want to achieve? What kind of people can I get around to get where I want to?”

Now have a look at some of the things you’re doing on a daily basis. If they are the kind of things that will get you where you want to get to, that’s great. You can just chill out and forget what other people are saying. But if they’re not, you need to make a few changes.

The Laws of Association and Repetition

The way you learn is the law of association – you are associating yourself with other people. Once something they’re saying or doing starts to resonate with you, it’s a clue for you that it’s time to do more with them and listen to them more. Get really embedded by what they’re saying. The next goal is the law of repetition, which is how we remember and go back over the work we’ve been doing.

So it doesn’t really matter what it is you’re looking to get into. Just know whether what you’re doing at the moment is efficient. Is it what you want to do for the rest of your life? Is it at least what you want to do for the next ten or fifteen years? Or are you currently in a transitional stage? Once you know what stage you’re in, you can move towards it and put some system in place.

Ask yourself:

“If I’m going to do this, what obstacles am I going to come up against?” List the obstacles down and next to them and come up with individual strategies of how to overcome them. If it’s too difficult and you have about ten or fifteen objections or you’re struggling to find the strategies for them, my suggestion would be to completely drop the idea. Then come up with a new idea. Your brain can invent six ideas a minute! It’s just on you to decide for them.

So once you have picked that idea you’d like to move upon, repeat the process. List the objections of you trying to succeed with that idea, list the strategies of how you’ll deal with them, and then once you’ve got them, say “Right, this is what I’m going to do going forward”. So now you know how to overcome your obstacles. Then what I suggest you to do is list out the steps you’re going to take to achieve your goals over the next 30, 60 and 90 days.

Get around people that make you feel good, that are filling you with confidence, and that are optimistic. Also, stay away from people that are pessimistic, will speak to you about lack, and act judgemental. Simply get away from all that negative stuff.

Do the Work

The one thing that people don’t want to do, and it is really simple, is to work on themselves. What I’m saying is just do the work. Find someone you know that is truly good at what you want to achieve, follow them, and do your own work. Put the commitment in and you’ll succeed at it. This fisherman is still stood there and he’s doing the work. Be it at a glorious early Sunday morning, he’s still stood there on the rock with his net, patiently waiting for the right time.

“Eastern” vs. “Western” World

The fisherman’s already put the time in. He’s got the skill-set now. There’s always the right time for us. It might be in the next 30 seconds and it might be in the next 30 minutes when he gets his fish. It doesn’t matter whether we live in a western world or not. The people here in Thailand are super happy, super content. If Thailand represents one of the countries of what they call “third world living”, the fisherman seems to be content there.

In the western world, we like to plan and predict EVERYTHING. What time are we going to start and finish work? What time are we going to get home? We always do that just to keep us safe, unlike this boy fishing by the beach in Thailand. When he catches his 20 fish or whatever he needs today, he is finished for the day. He won’t try to clock in and clock out. His only objections are time and patience. What’s the strategy for that? To stand on a rock and wait for the right time to come. We all need to be a bit like him: just do the work and put the drive in.


What Seeing My Mentor Taught Me

What Seeing My Mentor Taught Me

I’d like to share with you what seeing my mentor taught me. These are the moves I’ve recently made: me and Andrew, our Marketing Director, flew over to Hong Kong to see some of our clients over there and support them. Then we flew over to Manila in Philippines to meet a few of my mentors and speak on stage in front of about 2,000 people! So this was what it took to get help and support for our clients. And so that’s what we needed to do.

I’ve had a great couple of days over there. We spent some time with my main mentor, John Rankins himself, in his apartment and at his event, plus I got to speaking on stage, in front of so many people! It was awesome. John did an excellent job with his programme and presentation.

It’s always good to come over to see my mentors face to face. Even though I speak with them on a daily/ weekly basis, it’s different when you have this face to face connection. It’s CONTAGIOUS. What about J. T. Fox? That ‘fella’, should we say, is a serious player,…  so good to be around them.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

I have to say something about John now. He pushes me in a way that when I’m around him, the energy is truly contagious. His ideas and his systems, which I’ve already implemented into my business, and just being around him, made me spark some new ideas. This is what  people should do when they want to be successful, right? They have to get out of their comfort zone.

Surround yourself with people who are doing the things you want to do. Also, accept that whatever in life is going on at the moment, that’s just “what it is”. If you want to make a change, it’s on YOU to make it. For me, it takes travelling for four or five days to come and see some of my mentors on the other side of the world, never mind my overfilled diary. In simple terms, success won’t come to you, you have to go to it. Meet it at three quarters and the rest shall come. Funny things happen when you start to do the right things ‒ things start coming to you.

From Me to You

In one of my Facebook posts, I was talking about making a move to be wherever you want to be. Sometimes, you get a bit hung up on things and the “NOW” never comes. You never actually make the necessary steps. So if there is anything you want from us, just reach out!

Stay hungry!

Dale Gaucas

Losses Give Far More Pain Than Gains Give Pleasure

Losses Give Far More Pain Than Gains Give Pleasure

I want to share a psychological secret with you today. It’s that losses give far more pain than gains give pleasure. That’s why you find a lot of people playing not to lose in life. Not really to win but not to lose because of the pain they get. They don’t realise they are doing it! There are only two alternatives. Either you get on in life or you don’t. I know which one I would do – get on and get up! So what I say to the saying is: “Forget the losses and go for the gains!


Getting Better at Being Better

Recently we talked about “improving yourself while being yourself”. But even when you improve yourself, the “sh*t” is still coming. Deal with it guys, that’ what it’s all about. At every 10 things you, do, you’ll probably fail at 7 of them but with the 3 things you succeed at, you will kill it!


Grinding for Success

For the last few days, I’ve been absolutely “dying” with a flu and cold but not that it stopped me from working 17 or 18 hours a day! It’s just been tough going but I suppose that if it was easy, everybody would be doing it…

So like I said, we’ve been pushing on there in the office. We have our intention set (what we want to achieve), we have our magical number (what we need to get there), now all we need is the strategy to get there. As long as you set your intention and you have your magic number, yu have the key. If the strategy you have isn’t working you can adjust it but DON’T CHANGE YOUR INTENTION AND YOUR MAGICAL NUMBER. Only the strategy can be moved.

What’s Your Magical Number?
Whatever it is you want to achieve in your life, whatever kind of financial figure you want to hit, setting the intention is quite easy. However, I’m not too sure whether the second question (that of your magical number) is understood well. For instance, let’s say you want £50,000 a year in usd. Well, that is the magical number, but how are you going to get it? Supposing you’re trading the financial markets and there is £250 trading days within a year, that tells you that you need £200 a day, and that will give you £50,000. Simple! That’s how you calculate your “magical number”.  

Keep grinding for success and let us know what your intentions are…

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