Hard Work and Resilience

Hard Work and Resilience

Hi all, this is a little piece on hard work and resilience!  It’s half past 5 on a Saturday afternoon and even in this new office in the city centre, I’m still the last person to be at work. Nobody else is in here any more. No other manager, no other sales staff, no other traders. But being here, that’s what it takes to succeed, that’s what it takes to put the work in.

It all comes down to the two things that you need to succeed – hard work and resilience. Once you have them, you’ll out-beat everyone. Yes, it’s argument that you need to come to the right market to be successful. Whatever market or the industry is, there has to be the right timing to get in and it has to be a market that’s unsaturated (you don’t want too many people within that environment). But I guarantee you this: if you have hard work and resilience, you will succeed. I can guarantee that.

I’ve been speaking with our traders over the last couple of days because we’ve actually got a new “War Room” programme that we’ve just kicked off with our clients, a bespoke group of 15 traders. These people have all realised what it takes. They already know what it takes to succeed. You can go and ask any one of them, and they will tell you that they’ve paid not only the financial price but the “time price” and the “commitment price”, and now, they can see the results paying off.

So yes, you’re going to have to put your time and energy in. But once you’ve learned something and you’ve gathered that knowledge, you can’t unlearn it.

You might go on social media and you’ll see those guys on there, a bit of a watch and maybe a flash sports car and all that jazz, and they will say all it takes to get it is a week’s “hustle”. To that, I’m saying NO. It takes WORK to get there, however uncomfortable this might be to hear.

Personally, I’ve been in business since I was 19 and I’m now nearly 38. I’m not saying it’s hard work as if I dislike it. I really do like it because you have to love this game of life that you’re playing; you can’t just pretend to like it. But at least do something that you enjoy getting up and putting the commitment in for. Whether it’d be trading, sports, or running a business, you’ve got to have that resilience and hard work. If you have it, you shall succeed. It’s as simple as that.

I’m looking down across the city of Manchester now from my office window. I can see all these lights shining bright in the big buildings like Hilton. I think the other day I counted 52 of lights in there. Do you think each of every one of these companies out there don’t have directors and management staff that are working day and night to be successful and to get their job done? This isn’t just a game for people with true ambitions.

Now, I’m about to travel back to the “homeland” to the farm to be with the family and enjoy the evening with them. But I’ve put my daily piece work and commitment in. I was up early this morning at 4 o’clock, did a bit of meditation, drove into Manchester, did the work, and even went on a speaking course that I’m currently on. And that’s what succeeding is all about. Helping other people, but also putting that work into you.

If you want to succeed in trading or as an entrepreneur, reach out to us. This is what we’re here for! If you need any support we can give you, me and my business partner Andrew Pancholi, as you might already know, we have our own hedge fund based in the states and our own trading education company. We’re here to help you succeed and be able to do whatever you want.

So enjoy what you do and enjoy this game of life!

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