“The First One of the Year”

“The First One of the Year”

“The First one of the Year.” Spring – how I love this season! Especially when the deer are giving birth, new life comes into the world and you can see the seasons come about…

Above you can see the young calf there with its mother; it’s the first one of the year. This is a new life, that’s what just 30 minutes for the mother hold.

A new life really does bring new beginnings and it is truly beautiful to see it on the land, and to observe just how these animals can care. They can give birth within 20 minutes. Within half an hour, the baby deer is up on their feet. Then the mother cleans the deer off and off they run!

It genuinely is inspiring to see. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a new business taking shape, a calf being born, or whatever it is. A new beginnings, “the first one of the year”,  is always just magical.

I can see another young calf over there and several other getting ready to give birth. This is one of the great inspirations of life, and the reason why we’ve set up the farm. To be honest, there’s not really much percentage return in it, haha. The gold why we’ve done it was really to be surrounded by this new life and to see that once you put in your hard work, your commitment and your dedication, you get to be surrounded by fantastic beauty. That’s the calving season on the farm – for me, nothing can’t beat it.

“The first one of the year” and My Tools

So this is farm life for you. This is mine and Jaclyn’s place as you might be aware. You can see me in the picture with my wellies and my wax jacket on. Whether you’re in your wellies and your wax coat and your ‘deer stick’, these are the certain tools that you need for this job, at least for the farming job.

If you’d be trading, if you’d be running a business, obviously there will be different tools. So maybe that from Monday to Friday I might be walking around in a suit, and a pen and a calculator. So that’s what I need for the week or at least when I’d be doing my trading. But when you put them all together, it doesn’t matter what it is – whether it’s this farm life, whether it’s trading, whether you’re running a business, whether you’re scaling a business, whether you’re marketing, it’s the same stuff.

All the same – the right equipment, the right tools to be, as I call it, unconsciously competent at what you’re doing and to know the field that you’re going into, to be able to walk around with better confidence.

And one thing it all takes is the one thing that people don’t want to do – you can like it or not, but it takes work and commitment to learn and understand the field that you’re in.

The Habit Loop

Once you’ve done that work and you’ve learned it, you cannot unlearn it. You don’t have to rework it, going so on and so forth. And yes, you have to keep on a bit of repetition to learn the skill. But once you’re unconsciously competent at it, the skills become your second nature. They become what they call the habit loop. They become the cue, the routine, the reward, and the belief.

Once you see your cue, you do your routine, you get the reward at the end of it, and then you acquire the belief that what you’re doing’s right. That’s what works for me with these deer, with my trading, and with numerous of my businesses that I run. Once you’ve mastered that formula (and it does take a bit of time) you can put it into numerous areas of your life, like family, friends, and so on.

So that’s what I wanted to share with you on this late afternoon. Catch you later!

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