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Professional Trading

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Do you want to trade the markets like a professional?

What you need is the right equipment and knowledge. When you join the War Room you will get everything you need to become a professionally skilled trader in more than just FOREX.

There are many opportunities to profit in stocks, commodities and FOREX. But, how do you harness them without too much risk?

You can learn to do this with the software, indicators, and training the professional traders have. In the War Room, we bring institutional grade resources to individual traders like you.

Are you fit for the war room?

  • You're serious about becoming a professionally skilled trader
  • You want live training with professional traders
  • You want access to deep market analyses, training and software used by professional fund managers and major institutions
  • You want to take advantage of big opportunities that most miss
  • You're committed to the right principles
  • You want to be truly versatile in your trading
  • You want to be in a small group of dedicated traders who support each other towards mastery

What is the war room really about?

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The benefits go far beyond the War Room Membership

You'll learn how to spot the opportunities that others don't see, and how to best switch between different markets so you can capitalise on them.

You'll see it too. You'll gain a clearer understanding of the fundamental nature of the markets and the simplicity that lies beneath all of the technical noise that others are caught up in.

Suddenly you'll have more confidence getting in and out of trades that the uneducated would just not consider.

Best of all, you'll become a professional trader. When you work with our proprietary software, learn from master traders, and take advantage of market cycles, you'll see the results in your net worth.

This Stuff has transformed my trading. I've been trading live all the time. My weekly profit has gone way over what I dreamed it to be over the last 3 weeks. You guys know your stuff! Thanks to you all!!

Richard Malloch

Full Time Trader
Manchester, United Kingdom

What our members experience in the war room:

  • Ability to be more versatile in their trading
  • Ability to profit when the market rises or falls
  • Ability to spot lucrative opportunities in the market's danger zones
  • Clear understanding of why the 2008 global meltdown and other financial crises have occured
  • Ability to recognise future shocks in the markets
  • Peace of mind in bullish or bearish markets
  • Spotting low risk, high rewards opportunities and harnessing them
  • A substantial return on their investment into the War Room as they make wealth generation a habit

War room deliverables:

  • Two-day live event every quarter at our London offices
  • Access to a 40-module, online programme
  • Access to the Infinite Wealth Trading online course
  • A private Package sent out to you by recorded delivery
  • Technical support meetings online on Tuesdays
  • Trading Mastmind calls online every Wednesday
  • Trading Mindset calls online every other Thursday
  • Access to our private War Room Facebook group
  • A thorough understanding of market cycles and timing
  • Learning from expert traders who have real skin in the game, not just teachers only
  • State-of-the-art charting software in use by major financial institutions that puts you at the front of the pack
  • Membership in a small, dedicated, and exclusive group
  • A simplified approach that removes all the noise from your trading decisions
  • The confidence these strategies will work for your trading
  • Access to our experts for review of current opportunities that you are looking to trade
  • A solid framework to embed all of your trading decisions into for consistent returns

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