Our Advanced & Master area splits into three sections:

Is It For Me?

  • Do you want to trade the markets like a professional?

  • Are you looking for institutional grade tools to master your game?

  • Do you want access to deep market analyses, training and software used by professional fund managers?

  • Are you in the pursuit of the ability to recognise future shocks in the markets?

What Will I Get?

  • Learn to harness the markets without too much risk.

  • Get daily tuition from hedge fund managers.

  • Access the institutional grade indicators and tools.

  • Become a member of a small, dedicated, and exclusive group dedicated to your success.

Is It For Me?

  • Do you want to know when trends are changing, signalling perfect times to buy or sell?

  • Do you want to know the right turning points in the market?

  • Do you want to finally get trend following right?

  • Do you want to join the billionaire trend makers and followers or be against them?

What Will I Get?

  • Get key market/trend turning point data, identifying where the money can be made.

  • Read monthly reports on very high probability trading opportunities for entries and exits.

  • Receive simplified golden information built from decades of specialised Market Cycles Study to give you an edge on the markets.

Is It For Me?

  • Do you want to know when all the big traders (including banks) are buying and selling?

  • Would you rather know how to trade with the market or be caught against it?

  • Do you want to be able to spot the trend reversals, signalling when to enter or exit a trade?

What Will I Get?

  • Alerts showing you the best markets to trade each week based on COT reading.

  • The data to give you the perfect opportunity to profit?

  • The information on what the big players are doing to stop you making costly mistakes.

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